Timeless Wisdom:
A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space.  
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... 
-- Albert Einstein" 

The Avillion Corporation is a Non-Profit (501©(3)) Educational Organization serving Nature, Humanity and Spirituality in very simple and Natural ways serving the timeless wisdom of heart – "The World of Living Light!"

Heart of Fire©artwork by ijt

True Empowerment of Heart: Avillion's task is to accomplish the work of heart through our own heart. Thus, we aim at establishing communication from Heart to Heart, refine and increase sensing abilities to achieve “a greater sense of awareness” that avails true empowerment of heart and for it to replace “fear based thinking.” This equates to an all round healing of heart and mind. Avillion offers: simple and natural ways to help ourselves that take little time and effort.

Meaning of the Name Avillion  - by Ingrid "Avia" - Nirvana of Avalon and as such also represents the chalice of the 3-fold Flame which is the “Fire of the Heart” – a Heart of Sacred Passion.  But, allow me to take you back in time:  “At the beginning Avalon was called Apple Island  - where the most delicious golden-red apples grew.  Among the local people it became known as "E’main Ablach",  a mystical place only visible to some and at certain times.  More...

Story of Avillion by El-Morya - through Ingrid Jolly - Indeed, it is a tale from the Cradle of Creation and that's where it all started, a fire formula like a shooting star moving into the Cosmos on to Arcturus, to Galaxies, to Earth through the Gates of Orion to Elohimouna in Atlantis. To assure the survival of this inceptive celestial fire, which carries an alchemical code to assure the continuum of evolution, it was anchored into the consciousness of Earth as 4 separate identities: One in Egypt - remembered as the time of RA; the second embodied in the essence of Mount Olympus; and the third in the Himalayas, expressed in Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana: Vehicle of Fire)... (More)

Services   Avillion provides a variety of services that nourish all aspects of the human psyche--body, mind, spirit, and soul, and in community with the Natural World. We inspire individual creativity, productivity with universal and cosmic connectedness using Divine Living Light" Changing consciousness changes our reality: To this aim Avillion seeks to offer a variety of services to inspire the awareness to the world of thought as living energy, and thereby improve the quality of all life by becoming inspirationally creative and productive in the way life is lived.

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Donations go toward our scholarship program and help us continue providing services for free when needed. They also help our own charitable work within the world of nature and humanity.