Nature, Humanity and Spirituality  

AVILLION Activities and Services

Avillion's teachings are to liberate the human psyche of all types of programs that are an impediment to the expansion of its Divine Consciousness.

Avillion offers educational programs and activities that enhance personal awareness of healing and in creating a healthy environment. The individual is given the opportunity to move from theory to practice and to integrate the experience into conscious living of everyday. All activities serve as a spiritual bridge between the idealistic, philosophical, cultural and natural to the fast moving non-connected life in a High Tech Society. Avillion's foundation is "energy consciousness" and therefore offers "insight into energy conservation" on the various levels of internal and external life.

Please check our Locations and Calendar page for dates and times on all services and activities.

* Celestial Solar & Earth Light Teachings
* Celestial Lifestream Alignment Course : a total of 21 hrs see Note (1)
* Certification Course or teaching: a total of 72 hrs see Note (2)
* Classes & Workshops on Spiritual & Environmental Awareness & Integration of Living Light in High Tech Life
Celestial Lifestream Alignment Course and Certification Course are held regularly, call for information. Also, they will soon become available online via Skype@ aviajolly.
Notes: (1) Classes and Workshops are a minimum of 4 hours. (2)Certification is a 3 Phase Program of 72 hours total.

Aura Photography:
Printed Picture and Photo in three different packages (see below), Chakra Report; Advice on Maintaining a Healthy Auric Field; plus Angel Guided Empathic Readings. This service now provides Ultra Imaging, reaching deeper into the aura. We provide the Aura Imaging Service for the purpose of introducing the reality of our body of light and thereby hope to promote the awareness of energy and its interrelatedness to all of creation.

Because for AVILLION this service is for a greater purpose, it is not only about producing an Aura Photo but the entire Aura Imaging Service is a realistic starting point to inspire personal awareness of the world of subtle energy. According to Bulgarian Master, Omraaam Mikhael Aivanhov the Aura is our Best protection because man's true garment is his aura which contains all the colors that represent his qualities and virtues.

Through this service, thousands of people so far have learned how to keep the Aura light, strong and bright and also create a protective vortex around the whole person of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

Photo Packages:
Basic: Aura Photo, Personal Chakra Report with printed Full Body picture, Booklet with Aura Maintenance/Wellness Advice.
Premium: Includes basic and brief interpretive empathic reading; efficient & effective application of the violet ray.
Deluxe: Includes basic, premium plus in depth Empathic, Angel Guided Reading with printed support information as guided.
Note: (2) Aura Photography is available at various Expos, In house by appointment - please check our Locations and Calendar page.

*Homes - Our Islands of Light; Sacred Wisdom series of the Avillion Celestial Solar Plane teachings.
* Nature Awareness Programs - Relate to and learn to Read Nature
*Lectures and Workshops are available on request. Please see our Locations and Calendar page

Only by appointment - Call 540-636-7798
* Spiritual Healing with Energy Activation, Clearing and Aligning
* Intuitive/Empathic Counseling.
* Group Meditations - Seasonal Celebrations.

Pastoral Services
*Wedding Officiate and Ceremonials-only available upon special request.

Services are provided by: Reverend Ingrid Jolly, DD, call for more information: (540) 636-7798 or Contact Us.