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Welcome to our Special Messages.   On this page you will find not only messages from Avillion but also messages from others that are important to our mission.

SPRING EQUINOX – March 20th, 2012
A synchronized Meditation Focus  at 01:14 EST or at any time during the day or evening. 

Namaste: Let us replace "anxiety, worry, fear, doubts etc. with these magical key words at 01:14 EST during this  Spring Equinox:   I Am Love... I Am Light... I Am Peace... I Am Harmony... I Am Compassion... I Am Forgiveness... I Am Kindness... I Am Mercy... I Am Healing...and
I Am Joy
Inhaling each word and let the feeling of each world totally imbue your whole being. Try and recognize the thoughts each of the key words bring to mind.

Especially with the final world of “Joy” let’s  think, feel and be Joy and see /imagine our feet reaching into the Center of the Earth for we and the Earth are ONE an as ONE we rise up  into the Great Central Sun.  See it , decide it and do it!
Oh such Joy! All can be free … and we take a deep in breath of "violet fire light" and imagine /visualize  your self within or as a luminous , scintillating violet flame of  at least a 30' circumference and state the Mantra of the Free: "I Am a Being of Violet Fire, I Am the Purity God desires!


The violet Maltese Cross is the symbol of the "free" – the Era of Spiritual Freedom!

And in this note I greet you with Joy and Gratitude in my heart as I humbly serve this cause
Avia  (Ingrid Jolly)
As such all programs and services in the name of Avillion & Avalonia Healing Arts are dedicated to inspire: “Living Life Creatively as ONE HEART * ONE EARTH * ONE LIGHT to set All Free!”

Being All the Joy That We Can Be
By Jean Hudon of http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com

As all humans progress on the path to spiritual enlightenment and as an ever greater number of souls remember who they are, a sense of permanent joy is gradually seeping through their consciousness from the realm of eternal bliss where they originally came from. It is important for each one of you to become ever more acutely aware that allowing this heavenly feeling to blossom freely is a key to further accelerating your progress. You have to literally make a conscious choice, each and every waking moment of your life to enable the healing power of Life to act through you and in you by accepting joy as your natural state of mind, no matter how difficult the circumstances you may be in at any given moment, no matter how great the challenges you may face.

Anchoring your basic feeling about life in deep, unrelenting joy will catalyze in a much more direct and efficient way than any other means your spiritual awakening and, in so doing, you will be able to tap within you, from the Source of your very existence, the tremendously potent Forces of Light and Love that have remained dormant for most of the times when your consciousness was embroiled into the travails and tribulations of physical incarnation, over numerous lifetimes. This growing and yet innate sense of blissful joy can express itself through laughter or simply as a subtle smile, but it is much more than such superficial expressions. Joy as an enduring attitude towards all experiences in life will unlock the unexpressed potential for spiritual clarity, relaxed contemplation and hyper focused attention that are necessary to ascend into the higher dimensions of existence which is the true Promised Land towards which all are striving.:
May Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy, Healing and Joy prevail in every heart.
To deepen your understanding of some aspects of what Joy truly is, the following affirmation is provided to further trigger the emergence within you of what no words can possibly describe...

What could be more joyful than knowing one's own true origin, nature and ultimate destiny?
 I am the very essence of Joy and, as such, I radiate around me like a shining star the happiness that ceaselessly flows through me. I need not have any particular reason to experience this Joy that I am, because just like true Love is unconditional, true Joy is spontaneous, gratuitous and ever bountiful.

 As in all of the natural world, where exuberant joy and buoyant happiness are endlessly flowing through the melodious songs of birds, the aquatic antics of dolphins, or the mellifluous fragrance of flowers, the Love and sense of Oneness I experience for and with All
That it reveals itself through my ever-optimistic views, ever-glowing smiles and ever-comforting laughters.

 I truly am a cheerful expression of Joy, ever happy to share around me the graceful levity of Who I Am.

Finally, when you feel ready to go back to your normal everyday existence, you may conclude this meditation through reading the following affirmation, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul...

I am a soul
A divine spark of the Infinite
That gave birth to this universe.

I remember Who I am
and serve the Greater Purpose of Life
as One with All That is.

I came here with many other souls
to assist in the expansion of Light
on this living planet Earth.

I accept to let Love
Be the guiding beacon of my life
and to shine Its radiance in every moment.

I am a soul
and the sole purpose of my existence
is to be All That I Am.

So be it.

Use this as often as necessary to help you remember and reassert Who You Are.
This Equinox Meditation: Tenth Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations is archived at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/FocusArchives/March202012Meditation.htm

See last year's equinox article


Although this message was given at the Equinox of 2004 it applies to every Equinox. 

The Spring Equinox carries the vibrations of the "Great Mother". It heralds: "it is time to give recognition to the Feminine aspect of God as in Mother God or Great Mother". In the combination of "Divine Mind and Divine Heart" we have the "Cosmic Heart" - the All that is All. 

It is an all-embracing Love; from generation to generation it regenerates itself for the single purpose of loving and to love more. As such, its passionate fire shines a brilliant light and nature pulls it into our world during the Equinox on the East West lines, which also represent Mind into Heart. At this time the sun is perfectly central on the Solstice and Equinox lines of North - South, East to West creating a perfect cross, symbolizing the balance between male (mind) & female (heart). Thus, the geomagnetic lines of the four directions are energized by the fire of the Divine Heart (Sacred Heart): Mother God. Its alchemy is
"red gold"- like a clear bright copper, and it is the atomic accelerator that sets everything into motion. Its vibration calls us to return unto us our own arcane wisdom and thereby learn how to protect the sovereignty of our “inner space”. 

Who embodies the attributes of the red-gold in our world? A spark of it is in all life forms but particular it is made manifest in the feminine form. All life forms are sparks from the golden heart but women are its emissaries in the physical material world. Therefore, this Equinox is also calling for women to get in touch with their inner magical self, and evolve their divinity to manifest a world of Peace and Harmony and thereby begin the process of healing. It is through the attainment of inner harmony that we can reach the Divine Heart of Mother God and let it shine its brilliant light through our heart into this physical world. This is then the return of the Chalice, the Grail. Its great mystery is the mystique of the feminine, the driving force in the science of creation. And it is the science of living life in the continuum of its Divinity. As such I pray:

From Within Thy Cosmic - Divine Heart - Great Mother,
I feel the pulsation of the Flame of Thy Divinity;
as it fills my entire being with the light of love
to radiate through me and as me into this world.
For in truth I am the bearer of Love's Divine Flame, 
Emissary of the Great Mother.
I live each day cloaked in the light of thy Divine Flame to express and
Seek to harmony on my way of serving God’s Divine Plan.
With every breath I take, in thy presence I abide. 

~ Special Edition ~
This Is Our Moment!
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

In the deepest recesses of our hearts, we have always known that this time would come. World religions and prophecies throughout the Ages have all talked about these “end times.” What Humanity is experiencing now has been referred to time and again in various ancient scriptures as the “time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth.” Despite that ominous description, ALL of us volunteered to be here during this purging process.  (more)

Resistance - from Saint Germain 

Be mindful of what you are resisting. Resistance is a powerful magnet, which attracts only that which is being resisted. Tricky though it may seem, it is the Law. As your brother Yeshua, said, 'Resist not evil.'
In His Divine Wisdom, He understood that evil does not exist in the mind of God; it is but a man-made construct held in the lower consciousness, made real by the power and recognition you give it through fear and resistance. It may surprise or even amuse some of you to hear this, but your 'secret cabals' as they have been labeled by some, have used the strategy of resistance in their favor through out time. 
They intentionally feed information and ideas that serve their agendas and provoke your resistance, so that their agendas will have your added power to manifest. 

They know that resistance works to attract and serves no other function.
Resistance is a mighty teacher in duality, for sure. And in your efforts to avoid limitations from being inflicted upon you, you protest and resist, drawing into reality exactly that which you are resisting. (more)

The Golden Perfection in All - the Manifestation of Luminaries 

A Message Introduced through Ingrid Jolly for Avillion –January 2005 

Today, on this 21st day of January 2005, I decided to sit down and write a message that I have been prompted to do for quite a number of weeks. Every morning I awake with messages on my brain. Yet, over the past few weeks it always has been the same one. Additionally, the subject has arisen through various e-mailed questions. Thus, I am now asking to respond and try to convey clearly the message that has been conveyed to me. It may well be good introduction to the Golden Copper Lotus Meditation. (more)