Meaning of the Name Avillion

Mont Saint Michel, Brittany, France

We would like to explain the meaning of the name Avillion. Basically, in Mythology it is the Nirvana of Avalon and as such also represents the chalice of the 3-fold Flame which is the “Fire of the Heart” – a Heart of Sacred Passion.  But, allow me to take you back in time:

Energy is always a timing factor and when the alchemical balance rotated a vibrational stimulant that was felt as threatening or inspired envious curiosity, Avalon disappeared from the third-dimensional access, to retain its safety for such times when it’s true service is required. Mist and wind and more veils of mist conveyed all and everything into the 5th dimension.  As necessary, one person remained behind to anchor the energy essence in its changed formula in the safe location of Mont Saint Michel where it became known as Avillion, emphasizing the energy’s universal application. Mont Saint Michel, a tiny island off the coast of Brittany appears like the peak of a mountain from beneath the Atlantic.


“At the beginning Avalon was called Apple Island  – where the most delicious golden-red apples grew.  Among the local people it became known as “E’main Ablach”,  a mystical place only visible to some and at certain times. Long before King Arthur, this legendary Isle is said to have been the home of the Priestesses of Great Mystery, Center of Magical Practices and home of the Holy Grail. It was also a Center of Healing Arts where the finest herbs were harvested for healing work extended by its priestesses to the local community. Avalon was a school from which arose Merlin, Druidic Magicians, and Bards.

As Avalon disappeared on one side of the Channel, folklore picks up the story on the other side and tells of a “magnificent golden rainbow” spanning across the fog laden waters entering the rock of Mont Saint Michel.  Naturally, this awe-inspiring incident was contributed to the Arch Angel Michael.  A magnificent church and monastery was built on the peak of this rock formation to commemorate his appearance.  In a general sense, it is only known because of this manifestation.  In the past, Mont Saint Michel could only be reached by land when the tide was low or at ebb, but during modern times technology made it possible to reach the tiny rock island via an elevated roadway. Altogether, it is totally surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic. Beautiful, idyllic in appearance and constantly cleansed by the mist and the wind to keep safe the energy storage.

During the recent years, French Geologists discovered signs that Mont Saint Michel is slowly sinking.  Personally, I hope not but I am given to understand that it and many other places will change or disappear once there is a certain number of people whose yin yang – male & female energy is balanced by the sacred flame of their heart and thus emanate peace and harmony from their whole being and thus elevating the entire atmosphere of our world into a lighter and brighter one.”

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