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Avillion has quite a number of meditations for relaxation and healing. We hope to make them available on tape or CD soon.

Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to join our Animal & Earth Healing Meditation.

Wherever you are on this Earth, tune in and help us with this healing project.

Earth Healing - an inclusive name that allows for all to focus where their Love is needed most.  Creating a space for Love, Joy, Healing and All Things Bright and Beautiful - for all Animals, the Earth and her Elements. Let us help clear all pollutants from our Air, Fire, Water, and Earth as well as from her Universe. Please light a candle and join us! Even if it is just for 5 minutes, it will work. The Council of Animals will help to send forth an animal angel to be at their side or wherever one is needed.

The Council of Animals

The Council of Animals

Animal and Earth Healing Meditation

Every Full Moon – at any time. Light a candle and have it join our candle which will be burning for 24 hours.

The Council of Animals would speak – as representative of the Great Spirit:
And as we represent the Great Spirit,
so do the Animal Kingdoms represent us the Council of Animals.
You may see us as a tree. A tree of Life.
Each Animal Kingdom a branch of the One.
Each twig, each leaf a subdivision, breed or offshoot of the species.
And the fruits of this Tree are their gifts.
And the roots of this Tree are their attachment to this Earth,
the means by which they are grounded into
 a manifested reality.
And the roots are many, and the fruits are multitudinous
because the Animal Kingdom is Love made manifest,
and Love knows no limitation.
This Tree is watered by the frequency of Divine Grace.
This Tree is nurtured by the angels and fed by the Sun,
the Great Central Sun that blazes the Light of Illumination
throughout the dimensions, touching the cell, touching the core,
the center of each particle that holds this Tree in form
allowing the animals creative expression in their Service to
the Father's Will.
In their Devotion to the Mother's Love.
Honor this Tree, this Tree of Life,
and know each animal you touch or see,
is an extension of the One, representation of the whole,
an expression of the Lord God's Love for you.
For each has volunteered to express Her Care to sing His Song,
to be Their Gift,
And when you touch Their Hearts, through word or deed,
know that you touch the Heart of your Creator.
God bless. We are the Council of Animals - the Law of One."

Sananjaleen - a voice for the voiceless!

Sananjaleen June Hughes   (540) 364-1282