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Avalonia Healing Arts in Creative Living aims at inspiring a mindful approach to life to ignite the sense of sacred at every level of life.  All healing starts with the mind and the goal is “expansion of consciousness” with an ever expanding reverence for all life which is also a realistic foundation for a World of Peace. To this extent we offer:

healing-arts☼ Cosmic Spiritual Wisdom Sharing with Celestial Earth Star Teachings based on the Natural Laws of Divine Living Light

True to our motto, One Heart*One Earth*One Light, we endeavor to inspire and rejuvenate the spirit of community in today’s hectic and heavily technologically driven society.  To us, Spirituality is an evolving science and its foundation is in the expression of light from the Supreme Source of its Creation. It is a flame shedding the brightest light and a spark is within every life form on our Earth and the entire Cosmos. Our classes and workshops are tailored to help individuals and/or specific groups to expand consciousness and provide guidance on the easiest and simplest way of integrating teachings into everyday life.

From time to time we recommend materials or promote practitioners who do not only offer their expertise in the healing arts but above all, who live their lives in the awareness of the timeless wisdom of heart.  From worlds of thought, we become energy literate in the World of Created Light and Living Light.  Let’s learn to tell the difference. Earth Star teachings encourage a practical & simple approach to living life in light and in doing so we expand our true sensing and feeling abilities.  All is to be a Celestial Journey of Self Discovery.

The vehicle that takes us on this Journey is the Celestial Lifestream Alignment (see below). It is now available for us to integrate into its cosmic resonance and manifest it into the here and now.

Click here for Lectures & Workshops on Spiritual and Environmental Awareness of the World of Living Light with topics tailored toward the specific community and world atmosphere.

☼ Celestial Lifestream Alignment

What is it? At first instant, it is a Freedom and Liberty Code of Light whereby the very essence of light, its octaves of fire in light are the liberating formula of all light. It serves all beings, elements, nature kingdoms, planets, and stars.  As mathematical equation of fire in light, its algorithm realigns us from within our own core self to the core of the Natural World of Heaven and Earth.

Why is it necessary? We are embryonic particles of light fragmented and scattered throughout Nature and Cosmos. While fragmented we cannot establish any kind of unity and harmony, be it from within the self or to the world. Identification and collection of our fragments from among the many requires a magnetic attraction from within their own source of light. Freedom and Liberty of all particles of light are thus assured as is their return into One Cohesive Whole of the All that is All.  It is an honor and a delight to have the “Rite of Passage”to share it with all who seek to liberate their “Inner Light” and thus the Earth.


The Celestial Lifestream Alignment Course is offered in 3 Phases:  Phase 1 & 2 totals 33 hrs and can be made available online or onsite.  Phase 3 consists of 39 hrs.  This is a Certification Course for Teaching.  Classes/Workshops are a minimum of 4 hours each.

Click here for further details and the initial practice of the alignment.

☼ Intuitive/Empathic Counseling

To inspire a self-realization at a deeper and greater level. This service is best experienced with the combination of Aura Imaging Photography as it provides a realistic starting point and is available at our home base and more frequently at Expos and Holistic Festivals. Please check our Calendar of Events Page: http://www.avillion.org/Calendar.htm#Travel

☼ Spiritual /Shamanic Healing Service

For individuals and case by case for animals.  This healing modality is a combination of many shamanic and healing traditions and elevated into Universal/Cosmic Shamanism. It is always totally guided and tailored to the specific healing issue.

☼ Energy Aligning & Space Clearing

This can also include house/home and grounds.

☼ Healing Meditations, Holistic Activities and Supporting Services

For individuals and for groups. This service will aim at addressing the needs of the individual, the collective and the world of nature. Our Avalonia Peace Sanctuary is dedicated to this activity and also serves as an open-air classroom.  Please see Nature Education Sanctuary.

Click here for Animal & Earth Meditation.