Avillion Celestial Lifestream Alignment

A Celestial Medicine Wheel Aiding Evolution of Mind – Body – Spirit and Soul

celestial lifestream alignment

Which opens into a heartfelt Relationship with the entire World of Nature and Divine Evolution of the Greater Whole!

It is, in essence, a Celestial Medicine Wheel of 13 steps from Mont Salvat, a 5th dimensional caretaker of blueprints of all sentient life of Earth.  Its algorithm recalibrates and realigns from core to core the physical and etheric collection of all earth energies.  Thus, in synergy with the cosmos and celestial solar realms humankind, individually and collectively, serve as doorways to aide Divine Evolution of All of God’s Creation – the Greater Whole.

We now live in an era of heightened vibrations and, we can ignite naturally the spark of divinity within the hearts of humanity.  Thereby, we have the opportunity to raise our own vibrations from within the immensity of our own heart and elevate those of the whole world.  Learning the Language of Light and its Lifestream makes it all light work!

About the Avillion Celestial Lifestream Alignment

Have you ever wondered whether there could be a magical tool or method to bring change in very simple and natural ways from personal to the collective?  A methodology which in its simplicity does not require any type of psychoanalysis, judgments or separation?  Is there a way to unite both, the world of the mind with the world of the heart and thereby learn to think with the heart and feel with the mind?

This is the purpose of the Celestial Lifestream Alignment.  It facilitates a personal and direct contact with the “Source of Divine Creation.”  The source being “God,” by many names, but for the sake of neutrality and to highlight the fact that all and everything is energy, a stream of light from a common source, God is referred to as the “Source of Divine Light” or the “Great Central Sun.”  This terminology further emphasizes that the Great Central Sun is a reflection of the perfect union between God’s Infinite Living Heart – a Fire shedding the light of its “Infinite Living Mind” expressing “Infinite Creativeness” through its “Golden Ray.”  It is the outcome of this perfect union: Mind into Heart and Heart into Mind.  This is our heritage and it is our destiny to be the expression of this union in our life.

As such the heart of the subject is “Heart,” to unite our divine heart and divine mind.  The axiom of creation is heart, a central sun and there is one within each of God’s creation.  The spark of this is rooted in each of us and it is the essence of our soul.  The direct and personal contact with the golden ray ignites and reenergizes our soul and turns it into a central sun.  This is the initial energy contact which ultimately when extended within its varying steps of the Lifestream Alignment and heartfelt connections with the nature kingdom, is experienced mentally and physically.

As a minor physical and visual exercise the alignment process aids the expertise of “Contemplative Attention,” which results in the awareness and sensitivity to the two core elements that sustain all life.  One is the inceptive fire of God’s Celestial Kingdom which represents the heart and will principle of the spiritual kingdom.  Thereby heat and light as in soul and spirit begin to be an actual experience, elevating consciousness into the awareness of becoming whole.  This allows us to step mindfully and willfully into the vibrations of light that make up the “natural order of the rhythm of life” of ALL Creation.  This rhythm inspires us to become infinitely creative, wherein lies the expression of our own divinity.  Expansion of its vastness is achieved through elevation of thought.  With sacred intent, we step into the light of the “Infinite Living Heart & Mind” and thereby naturally align into the “Natural Rhythm of Life” with its golden Lifestream of “living light.”

The rhythm of action is important and with a little bit of self-discipline, we persevere with breath of light to retain clarity of mind and focus of thought which again leads to action.   Regularity of application is the essential rhythm that calms the surging surf of the emotional ocean which is so greatly magnified by today’s electromagnetic chaos.

We affect all of creation and all meets in our heart – our soul and its fire connects us directly to the Great Central Sun, the center of the entire cosmos and source of all life.  As such our world of science, technology, and spirituality is calling for the inceptive golden fire force to ignite our inspirational creativity in natural and nonintrusive ways.  The Divine Supreme Source of Creation granted our world with three of its outward expressions: One is the Earth’s expression in her nature kingdom and the second the Soul’s expression in Music and Art.  The third one is the Light of Color which is to be expressed directly through humankind.  Although mathematics is an aspect of understanding light, its expression is as yet to be made in a natural way by us (i.e. in sacred geometry).  This cannot be achieved from the precipice of our exterior mind and world which is focused on owning and controlling.  To achieve a natural expression, we have to turn to its nucleus, the fire, and enter into its rhythm of the Natural Law.  We will not comprehend the elevated formulas of interdimensional mathematics in their cosmic equations of Solar Mysticism until we learn to live in the rhythm of the natural law and are at one with its celestial Lifestream.  This is the time for the natural expression of light to begin.

Here are the initial steps:

  • The stimulant for the identification is “thought.”  To shift gear is in “Sacred Intent,” and to anchor it into action is “breath.”  As we breathe so we are and as we think so we are!  Let’s elevate this world of breath and thought by using our imagination.  It is the door to our inner world.
  • We take a deep breath of golden air – the finest quality of air of the inner world so that it changes our thinking:  A deep breath of golden air from the Sacred Heart of Creation reactivates its spark in our own inner self.  “Reactivation” of our ancestral heritage is achieved and is signaled throughout creation.
  • Exhale it into the Center of the Earth and see it turn into a “brilliant ruby red” – now inhale this ruby red and guide it through the entire body and exhale it through the top of our head which sparks in all of God’s creation a rejuvenating breath.  “Rejuvenation” to all our relations! Our entire energy body now turns into ONE Radiant HEART!  In its abundant brilliance, it is the best protection as it enfolds all in its Divine Radiance.
  • As we see the Gold and the Ruby unite, the outcome is a brilliant copper representing the “Awakened Soul entering into the Age of Spiritual Freedom”. Thus, we inhale the brilliant light of copper and exhale it into our known world. This heralds a wake-up call to all our relations in order to begin the process of unification and return into “ONE BEING”. We step forward into our known world “as the living light” from the Sacred Heart of the Divine Source of Creation.
  • Now, that we are awake everything around us has awoken and requires nourishment. This nourishment needs to be desirable to everyone and everything and at the same time address their core needs.  This quality nourishment is provided by the “Violet Ray” and all this is achieved by taking a “violet breath” from the Divine Source of Creation and exhaled through the self into all of creation.
  • The process of unification can now truly begin because there are many Nations to awaken and unite within this Creation of One Living Light.

We truly are ONE!