"Be the change you wish to see reflected in the world."
-Mahatma Ghandi

Humans were made in the Image of God, a Supreme Source of Light as a Great Central Sun!

Therefore, humans need to remember their divine origin as Children of the Great Central Sun and bring its “supreme light” into this world. We need to remember our true body of light because we are to evolve into its light, manifest it right here on Earth and throughout All of Creation.

We need to think light, be light, serve in light and shine bright and in this service of joy we create a peaceful world community!

We are products of our environment - and we have to reach above and beyond to bring out the very best - to realize our potential. Oftentimes this requires intense pain and a total change in circumstances or environment. Yet, it would all be so very simple if we might release our sense of ownership and start to acknowledge the need for change and the need to be and make changes.

– I Jolly-Trayfors ©1996

So it starts with you and I, but let us do it magically with divine light instead of laboring hard with the known norm of any given circumstance because in a general sense …

It is our mission to help achieve this.