Introduction to Avillion

Earth in Crystal and Light
The recognition and acknowledgment of the interrelatedness of all sentient life will provide insight into the achievement of world harmony and the healing of our global environment

The Avillion Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization serving Nature, Humanity and Spirituality in very simple and natural ways while serving the timeless wisdom of heart – “The World of Living Light!”

Avillion was incorporated in June of 1994, in the State of Delaware for cultural, educational and environmental studies that explore the harmony between Nature, Humanity and Spirituality. Avillion is located in the Shenandoah Valley on a wooded mountainside amidst magnificent rock formations. It is within easy driving distance to and from Washington D.C.


Over the years, Avillion has sponsored activities that enhance personal awareness of healing and creating a healthy environment on varying levels of internal and external life through: Aura Photography with Ultra Imaging, various workshops and lectures on energy awareness, practical spiritual integration in high-tech life, general counseling for spiritual and physical well-being, and nature awareness programs. Due to the founder’s professional commitments, Avillion functioned on a part-time basis or by request. All services rendered were charged at minimal cost or donated. Avillion has effectively reached people within the DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, the Carolinas, Michigan and NY.  In 1998, Avillion moved from the Washington DC area to a beautiful mountain side in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Initially, the plan was to create a Healing Arts Sanctuary for adults and children of special needs. As a promotion Avillion gifted its Art Sparks Program (Art as Therapy) to Special Needs Children to local schools. Although successful, due to lack of funding the program was discontinued and the terrain of the wooded mountain side called to change the entire plan.

Instead, the provision of Services further a field became the major focus and for the mountain’s natural habitat to reveal how Avillion could serve it. While taking Avillion services to many different locations, Avillion’s goal and vision clarified and expanded into one of serving simplicity and joy.

Objective / Goal

Avillion seeks to provide services that nourish all levels of the human psyche, to liberate people who so choose from dependencies of any kind, and replace them with the recognition of the sacredness of their life and of all life. Avillion offers opportunities in the pursuit of practical and natural spirituality to bridge the gap between the sublime and the mundane. It is Avillion’s belief that the recognition and acknowledgment of the interrelatedness of all sentient life will provide insight into the achievement of world harmony and the healing of our global environment. Thus, the concept of a Better Humanity and World Peace will become a reality.

Avillion's octagonal central building
Office of Avillion & home of  the Funder

Avillion’s major project is the development of the Avalonia Healing Arts programs with a One Earth–One Heart–One Light* Community, the Avalonia Peace Sanctuary / Nature Retreat,  that also serves as a Healing Sanctuary or Open-Air classroom for individuals of all ages who seek to expand their consciousness. Meditation areas will be dedicated to the Peace Makers of the world to emphasize the interrelatedness of all Sentient Life and the necessity of a peaceful Global Community. The goal is for the Avalonia Peace Sanctuary to function as a Mini Retreat for rest, recuperation and also offer programs on sustainable living and practical cosmic spirituality that can be expressed at all levels of life.

Presently, the center for some of our activities is at the home of the founder, an octagon building because the entire location is a powerful energy vortex.