Introduction Cosmic Empowerment

True Empowerment of Heart:


True Empowerment of Heart: Avillion’s task is to accomplish the work of heart through our own heart. Thus, we aim at establishing communication from Heart to Heart, refine and increase sensing abilities to achieve “a greater sense of awareness” that avails true empowerment of heart and for it to replace “fear-based thinking.”  This equates to an all round healing of heart.

Peace of Spirit & Fire of Heart: Avillion’s healing mission is based on the sacred fire of the Infinite Divine Heart & Will that is found in the Spirituality of Earth, Cosmos, and Solar Mysticism.  This fire is expressed in the Golden Ray, and its spark is lodged in everyone’s heart. It is the essence of our soul and Breath stirs its fire, illuminating our spirit and activating our “divine heart.”

Unification of Mind & Heart – One Reality: Avillion seeks to inspire “elevation of thought” on all levels of life, to think, be and become heart.  To simplify life, to create space in a crowded mind, and, thus allow space to evolve into a new way of feeling and sensing.  The type of feeling that creates the sense of “one reality” – a reality where actions match those of the heart.

People, Community & Nation of One Heart: The axiom (principle) of creation is heart and as it calls out to us, with each challenge in life, we are offered the opportunity to become the axiom ourselves. “People of One Heart.”

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Humans =

Heart of Fire
Heaven and Earth

Attitude of Positivity to cultivate a “true and natural detachment.”  Avillion aims to draw attention to the need to develop a “natural focus.” A focus based on “simplicity” that spans from the inner world of the self to the exterior world. Thus, from the inner self to the collective. To inspire a “natural alertness” based on a mentality of “true awareness”. One that is above and beyond personalized horizons and limiting concepts. An awareness of the “greater purpose in all and everything!”

We are the Creators of Our Reality: Thus, the aim is to return quiet and simplicity to the world of the mind. Awaken our finer and higher senses by connecting these to our inner true light essence, the golden spark and its source, the Sacred Heart of Mother/Father God. Freedom and liberty of our true light in the I AM is achieved as our light essence evolves into the  “Divine Heart and Will Principle”. This “true and natural unification” frees our essence from our thought creations.  They are transformed by the “Golden Fire of the Sacred Heart” – Mother/Father God. Thus freed we rise into the reality of “One Heart.”

As we cultivate Timeless Wisdom of Heart, its fire seeks to elevate and transform the “Mists of the Mind of Intellect” into “creative space” of the Infinite Living Mind and inspire the  creation of “sacred space” in our over crowded mental world.  In the words of Albert Einstein: “the world we have made as the result of the thinking we have done thus far creates  problems that we cannot solve at the same level we created them at.”

Our classes and workshops designed to empower individual’s self awareness and sacred living through applications of practices offered by Avillion of Universal Insight.