Summary of Services

Please check our Calendar Page for dates and times for upcoming services and activities. If you are interested in services that are not listed on the calendar, you may contact us directly by e-mail.

☼ Aura Photography

We provide the Aura Imaging Service for the purpose of introducing the reality of our body of light and thereby hope to promote the awareness of energy and its interrelatedness to all of creation. You receive:

  • AURA PHOTO of Vibrations of the Heart Chakra with detailed Chakra Report, containing two Full Body Pictures
  • Aura Care Booklet and additional information of Techniques and Insight for Self Realization and Empowerment, available with Angel Guided Empathic Readings.

Aura Photography is available at various Expos – please check our Calendar Page.  In-house by appointment only.

☼ Classes

Celestial Solar & Earth Light Teachings:

  • Celestial Lifestream Alignment Course: 21 hrs
  • Certification Course or teaching: 72 hrs (Certification is a 3 Phase Program)
  • Spiritual & Environmental Awareness & Integration of Living Light in High Tech Life

Celestial Lifestream Alignment Course and its Certification Course are held regularly. Contact us for information. Also, we plan to make these available online or via Skype.

☼ Lectures and Workshops

Various topics on Spiritual and Environmental Awareness of the World of Living Light are tailored toward the specific community and world atmosphere. They are available upon request. Please also refer to our Calendar Page for topics given at various Expos.

☼ Consultations

Available by appointment and aim at stimulating a greater sense of awareness to the world of energy. How we can claim our total self and thus become liberated from personal limitations and instead approach all from a Higher and Greater Self.

☼ Intuitive/Empathic Counseling

Counseling services to inspire a self-realization at a deeper and greater level. This service is best experienced with the combination of Aura Imaging Photography as it provides a realistic starting point and is available at our home base and more frequently at Expos and Holistic Festivals. Please check our Calendar Page.

☼ Spiritual /Shamanic Healing Service

For individuals and animals on a case-by-case basis.  This healing modality is a combination of many shamanic and healing traditions and elevated into Universal/Cosmic Shamanism. It is always totally guided and tailored to the specific healing issue.

Energy Aligning & Space Clearing

This can also include house/home and grounds.

Healing Meditations & Holistic Activities

For individuals and groups. These services aim to address and provide support for the needs of the individual, the collective and the world of nature. Our Avalonia Peace Sanctuary is dedicated to this activity and also serves as an open-air classroom.

Seasonal Celebrations (for members & by invitation only)

Pastoral Services

Wedding Officiate and Ceremonials are available upon special request.  Services are provided by Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD.