The Story of Avillion – Mont Salvat

by El-Morya through “Avia” (Ingrid Jolly)

…Oh where oh, where did it all begin? Indeed, it is a tale from the Cradle of Creation and that’s where it all started, a fire formula like a shooting star moving into the Cosmos on to Arcturus, to Galaxies, to Earth through the Gates of Orion to Elohimouna in Atlantis. To assure the survival of this inceptive celestial fire, which carries an alchemical code to assure the continuum of evolution, it was anchored into the consciousness of Earth as 4 separate identities: One in Egypt – remembered as the time of RA; the second embodied in the essence of Mount Olympus; and the third in the Himalayas, expressed in Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana: Vehicle of Fire)

The fourth one, the least known of all is: E’main Ablach. Its core memory is protected in mythology as Avalon with Avillion as its Nirvana and Mont Salvat as its greater consciousness in the stars. Therefore, Avillion is an ancient fire formula integrated with all creation. It has been biding its time to surface again – at the right time. Its formula carries the codes to bring a natural balancing between, science, technology, and spirituality through humans and the Earth with all her nature kingdoms. To return when time itself calls to be the bridge for all life. Its rite of passage for full awakening is marked by the occurrence of the Galactic and Solar Cross during the Eclipse and a New Moon. This necessitates not only awakening its point of inception in people but above all awakened actions need to take place at locations where the Earth consciousness holds the vital keys that activate the codes of the mission.

But, before we go any further let us go back in time for the purpose of a little story and embark on a brief journey to Elohimouna – the Medicine Temple of Atlantis. It was a beautiful facility with water fountains everywhere, lots of foliage in the varying colors of the rainbow and an abundance of fruit trees. Particularly pleasant was the scent emitted by the citrus trees. It added an uplifting spicy flavor to the air which was perfumed by a multitude of wonderful flowers and herbs. Thus the Nature Devas gifted all with their full expression in their language of flora. All was planted in consultation with the Devic Beings, and each plant species grew in groups which encouraged uninhibited expression in the scent they emitted. Therefore, the perfume of their scent was never heavy nor overpowering. Inhaling the scent and feeling its potency opened doors of communication not only to the plant itself but to the entire nature realm, and to nature realms of other galaxies. Flora is a great communicator and they too forewarned us of the great unrest and sickness of spirit that was settling over the land and therefore within the Earth. Science and Technology controlled life in Atlantis. With its relentless pursuit of excellence, energy imbalances appeared on all levels of the entire environment. The grounds of the Medicine Temple were protected by energy vortexes, and having been warned by the Flora, they too now needed to be refortified as well as the water of all the numerous pools. Approach to the inner halls of the Medicine Temple was made by wading through one of the pools of water to remove any obstructing energy vibrations. Here too the water was alive, sparkling and it would quiver with anticipation sending ripples of currents in the direction of the one approaching it. All water bodies appeared silver in color with a white shining surface. The doubling of the energy fortification added an electric blue hue.

There were running brooks all gurgling with laughter. Birds of paradise sang their beautiful songs undisturbed by the presence of our very special cats. White cats as well as black ones and they never harmed the birds but instead guarded the entire ground and the temple. Energy was the sustenance of all and everything and the cats guarded this entirely energized environment. Their particular skill in discernment led to a specific type of energy radiation still present in the feline species of today’s earth. Their sense of discernment regarding energy is still of a heightened vibration. The black cat preferred to roam the grounds whereas the white ones would be close to the Temple and also roam the halls. The energy of their form also radiated at different frequencies and thereby attained access into the varying halls. An “A” type frequency, for example, could not access a “B” frequency hall until its own frequency evolved through harmonious interaction with all life and the medicine people. This individual evolution of a species could be sped up when the cat found a person with whom they had a special resonance that caused interaction between their energy fields. This too helped to refortify the person’s energy field and in essence, both the cat and the person are kinfolk, of the same energy alchemy. A cat chooses a person and in their ability to love with detachment, they retain their own energy field and thereby their integral space and rate of radiation.

This is still so in the Earth environment of today. The cat’s purpose of choice is still the same, and therefore, should be regarded as another category of little guardian angels that have come along to fulfill a particular purpose. Interaction that is based on energy awareness will speed up the entire process and allows them to do their work that much faster. At times this results in a short visit. Instead of emotional anguish, it would be more beneficial to give credit and recognition to its task and retain the consciousness of love for the cat. The feline species deserves a chapter of their own. Their devoted service to the Great Central Sun system protected them against invading energies that could have maimed their species as it did with many others. Their presence and participation greatly enhanced life in Elohimouna and added a particularly enjoyable spice.

Yet, let us not remain too long in this idyllic setting because it was quite separate and apart from the rest of the land. There were a great number of doors to the temple as there were also many temples, a temple within a temple and so on. Sight of these depended on the ability of seeing. A third-dimensional sight would merely perceive a singular and comparatively small structure, whereas an inter-dimensional sight would enable access to further structures. This special sight encompassed the entire person or form, an ascended or near ascended form which could be perceived as a life form with either 7 or 8 senses. The energy that resonated from this life form opened the door to a specific temple.

Each temple and its halls were designated to a specific school of learning or task. Physics and music were co-located as if it were one subject. This led to inter-dimensional mathematics which is really the physics of spiritual science. As a certain piece of music was developed within co- ordination of its mathematical components, it was released to the rest of the halls and buildings. Thus there was music of purpose everywhere. The integration of the spiritual science on Earth was the goal, for were we and our environment not an example of it? To be brief let us explore the reason for this brief visit to Elohimouna.

The last days of Atlantis were filled with a turmoil of such confusion, pain, and agony that cannot be imagined by us now. The Medicine Temple had to send forth its beacons to other territories of the earth where the sacred ways that secure the future of the evolution could be kept safe, where the seeds of wisdom could be planted, and where the flame of the vital fire force that ensured the continuum of evolution could be maintained safely. Some were teleported to their destinations and some left on ships. Another group was teleported to the 8th octave of the 5th dimension. Their task was to be the heavenly anchor for those and that which was left on earth. One might also call them the “Guardian Angels of Evolution”. Theirs would seem to be the easiest task but this is not so, for each and all have their own particular challenges to face. At this point, it should be mentioned that this is the source of the present transmission which is given in pictures that convey a feeling instead of the easier method of a verbal transmission. It is a patient effort that requires a continued re-enforcement of energy from us. In the manner such transmissions are conveyed, the recipient is given the opportunity of personal integration and thereby clarification of the importance of the entire work. It is equally important to retain simplicity in language and all communication. Verbal moderation is a prerequisite in energy alchemy – let us keep it all nice and simple! The more sophisticated the language, the more complex is its energy emission. This is also a challenge for those on the 8th Octave of the 5th dimension and any transmission requires a great adjustment.

The energy forms of Elohimouna’s Mystics needed to adjust to the heavy demands of the journeys. They were not accustomed to facing tumultuous elements. This required an adjustment to the vibratory rate of their energy field and in turn, this also meant a change in their physical appearance. Travel was normally done through teleportation, always for a greater purpose. The energy frequency of the entire life-form, together with the radiation of the experience in a subject matter set the energy tone, and this determined the location. The teleporter enhanced this vibration by giving the entire frequency a double boost and projected us into the location. The location would enable a physical application of that which had been learned, perceived and brought into our awareness and focus. As such the location or a particular species would be gifted to benefit its own evolutionary process. In turn, our own energy-self would receive the same gift availing access to another hall in Elohimouna or to another exterior location. The locations could be other galaxies or places on the Earth. The entire process was very harmonious in energy and joyful, unlike the travel that now had to take place.

A different type of travel based on energy harmony within disharmony was required now. Therefore, all energy forms needed adjustments, as in protective shields. This was a lot to achieve during turmoil and utter chaos. The teleporter had to be held steady during Earthquakes and threatening floods. The energies emitted by other people’s fear and terror had to be calmed and stabilized, so as not to create a turbulence within and around the temple lest it would disrupt the tasks and the temple itself. The consequence would be devastating to future evolution if the transmissions were unstable and thus the correct destinations were not reached. Therefore, it was absolutely vital that a calm was retained and this also meant that it provided safety to our life form and thereby to our faculties. This was an infinitely difficult task at an integrated level requiring an enormous aptitude and flexibility in energy alchemy. It would have been easier and far more feasible if those involved were separate and closed away behind walls looking onto chaos and turmoil. Yet, here in the midst of it, with little time left, everyone was put to a severe test. Needless to say, many of the ships did not make it – had they, many disastrous events that took place on Earth, throughout its present history, would have been prevented.

The masters of this energy alchemy were a special group of beings who had spent much time in preparation. There were 13 of them – as at the beginning of earth time when there were also 13 rays. They, in turn, trained 63 others. The sum of both numbers reverts back to 13 i.e.: 63 + 13=76 and 7+6= 13; strong energy beacons that held the focus for all and made the migrations possible. How did they do this? What happened to them when the waters of the Atlantic opened and swallowed all? Where were they during the great silence and stillness that followed the horrendous disaster?

The 63 were on a heavy, and slow moving barge which they maneuvered with the energy of their focus. They were the last to leave and the barge was the only vessel left. The 13 Masters made it possible for them to leave, at the very last moment when all else had been completed. The energy remnant of their immense mental focus and its memory is crystallized in the formation of crystal skulls. The rest of their whole energy, being spirit and soul, returned home to the Great Central Sun. A well-deserved rest but still filled with activity. They continue to energize those on the 8th octave of the 5th dimension – Mont Salvat.

The 63 adepts encountered an arduous journey. One member, in particular, was most capable of retaining a calm and steady focus. Her forte was communication with the mist and the waters of the Atlantic. While communicating her whole and entire being would turn into mist itself and thereby navigate. She was one of the 14 feminine energies and by her continued application, her energy remained separate and apart from her 13 sisters whose energy began the gradual process of change. The further they sailed the more changes were experienced to their forms. This alone was a painful process. The same applied to the 49 male energies whose form also solidified. As long as they felt the mist and kept moving, they all knew that their sister was still there and eventually would reach land. Alas, as the solidification took place the reverse also happened to their sister. Her energy had grown into an expansive vastness and especially its fluidity could not be retained in any precise form. Was she the lucky one, and where can she be found in this present time? The answer will be quite clear at the end of this chapter.

Thus it came to pass that 49 men and 13 women initially landed on the shore of a tiny island off the coast of Britain. The mists and the wind would not let them rest for long. Their sister called them. Was she not the navigator and this was obviously not the correct location. Such denseness of vegetation and energy in total! They were quite happy to leave because breathing was extremely difficult. Eventually, they reached the West Coast of Britain’s mainland. The wind calmed, the mist disappeared and this indicated that they had reached their destination. Although they all had solidified in form, their appearance was still different from the normal physical body. Their new form appeared much taller and their shape was still luminous in comparison to the dense and stocky build of the local inhabitants. The denser the energy, the more difficult is was to breathe. The smell of the entire environment was more than unpleasant, particularly so for the women. Above all, they seemed to stir up trouble, for wherever they went, and as soon as they focused, they were bombarded with heavy and dense energy. A stifling and a painful experience for them. The men did not encounter the same problem due to their specific alchemical formula which lessened their sensitivities.

One of the 13 women dedicated herself totally to communication with their sister and accessed it through wind, water, and mist. This revealed that a particular place of safety had to be found for the women and anchor the flame in this place. By this time the flame had crystallized into a sword, which would come to life as an energy beacon whenever communication was attained with their sister. The wind guided them to an area of dense and swampy vegetation. In the midst of it was elevated ground surrounded by mist. They climbed the hill and when they reached the top they sighted another land elevation. Through the dense mist, it appeared like a small island. They felt that this was the place they need to get to. To gain a clearer sight and to be certain of the destination, they touched the ground with the sword. The energy beacon it sent forth shone brightly and illuminated the surrounding area. Not only did it seep deep into the soil, through the rock, into the core of the mountain, but it also threw a golden light beacon across the swampy ground towards the distant island. Great joy was felt and the light beacon remained until they reached their new home.

Again the sword helped to establish energy vortexes that radiated a protective shield around the island. From the outside, this shield appeared as a thick mist that could not be penetrated with the physical eye. Behind the mist, the island changed into a more suitable environment which afforded creativity. Here too the sword energized the ground and thereby all vegetation. The Nature Devas appeared and with them all the varying realms of little folk who settled at the outer edge of the island. There was light and lightness everywhere. A temple was brought into shape, with inner and outer chambers. It was similar to Elohimouna but more suited for this particular climate and its task. Among the local people, it became known as “Emain Ablach”, a mystical place only visible to some and at certain times.

When all was in place the 13 women stayed and the 49 men traveled out into the land. They would always return to replenish their energy and bring others they had carefully selected, and introduce them to a different way of living life. This was a very gradual and slow process of integrating a higher vibrational energy frequency into the local people whose energy vibrated at a very slow and heavy frequency. The scent of their entire energy was startling and appalling to the women, a problem they surmounted with the use of herbs. As such, they became most adept in the practice of herbary – very different in its requirement at Elohimouna. The men found that they could reach the ears and reap a certain understanding through music and poetry. This was the beginning of the Avalon Mythology and the male members were thereby the first Druidic Bards. They inter- married with local women, another way of energy integration, and from their offspring stem the Druids.

The most sacred ways of the energy alchemy, the particular formula remained with the women on their island. Only the knowledge appropriate to the indigenous energy evolution was passed on to the Druids and they, in turn, passed some of it to the Wicker Folk as well as to people of Wyrrd. The latter were a very special type of people and far more akin to mystics. Their inherent knowing and sensing caused them to feel a deep appreciation for mystical life and guarded this sense with silence. As such, they moved freely within all circles and performed in all types of professions. Thereby they were able to either create many changes in deeds or by simply being there. They received energy transmissions from Mont Salvat on the 5th dimension, which would filter through them into their environment and to others. At the same time, they were the anchors for the flame, the core fire sparking their imagination. Some became known for their heroic deeds, others for their accomplishments in the sciences, music, and art, and even some for their rebellious efforts. Then and now energy transmissions are made to fuel the individual’s core fire and stimulate expressions, appropriate to the energy integration of a time and in furtherance of evolution. Each transmission is a mission of an alchemical energy formula serving the continuum of evolution.

At the beginning, Avalon was called E’main Ablach (Apple Island) – where the most delicious golden red apples grew. Energy is always a timing factor and when the alchemical balance rotated a vibrational stimulant that was felt as threatening or inspired envious curiosity, Avalon disappeared from the third-dimensional access, to retain its safety for such times when it’s true service is required. Mist and wind and more veils of mist conveyed all and everything into the 5th dimension. Here too, one person remained behind to anchor the energy essence in its changed formula in the safe location: via St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to Mont Saint. Michel where it became known as Avillion, emphasizing the energy’s universal application. Mont Saint Michel, a tiny island off the coast of Brittany appears like the peak of a mountain from beneath the Atlantic. A magnificent church and monastery was built on the peak of this rock formation to commemorate the appearance of the Archangel Michael. In a general sense, it is only known because of this manifestation. In the past, Mont Saint Michel could only be reached by land when the tide was low or at ebb, but during modern times technology made it possible to reach the tiny rock island via an elevated roadway. Altogether, it is totally surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic. Beautiful, idyllic in appearance and constantly cleansed by the mist and the wind to keep safe the energy storage.

The 63 adapts were the last to leave Atlantis and their descendants the last to leave the hub of great activity, a center from which ideology would spring forth, and even reach this land, – North America, and thereby perpetuate dominion of science and technology. Mythology helped to retain the life force of the energy by retaining the fascination with the sword and the Grail (chalice), to such an extent that Christianity would not be left out and it became the Holy Grail. The real gift is in the essence. The sword and the chalice is a particular alchemical energy balance to be attained by a people who are an example of balanced energy integration, and thereby are able to attain the integration of the sciences, appropriate technology and a unification in the appreciation of cultures.

The sword and the chalice are symbolic of the adept’s male and female energy evolution, in harmony with the totality of creation. The chalice is the mystical female, a helical and cyclical catalyst when united with the sword. 13 women as 13 beacons of light with 49 men, also 13 beacons of light and, when added together created the energy of 8 – infinity – symbolizing the unity between the great Mind of the Creator – (the Father) and the Heart – the Source – (the Mother) which in energy is the Golden Heart – the Great Central Sun. In sum total, the energy equals Love, which is also Time and Life.

The Mystics were last to leave, first to come, as it happened many times before, and yet, always there. Being first or last, it all is merely a change of consciousness. Liberation from the autonomous rule of the mind frees the sight from crystallized energy and the senses for greater seeing and feeling to unfold. The mystique of life – love is alchemy and in it, a Mystic’s journey begins. In the total application and integration, the Alchemist is at work. On a larger scale, each continent has its own alchemical formula. The most important one which will affect the course of evolution of earth life is the American continent. The Star of Peace (generally known as the star of David) arose in the Middle East, the mind of the Earth, the doorway to life that is guarded by the Archangel Michael. The star will fulfill its mission in the West, the heart of the Earth and of all life, under the protection of the Archangel Raphael. One of Elohimouna’s teleportations was to the Gobi dessert, a most conducive environment for an energy radiation aiding a golden energy bridge to span from the Himalayas across to the East Coast of the United States. This symbolizes a union between the mind and the heart of the earth. Now, a bridge requires support pillars of the same energy as that of the bridge itself. Such support pillars are anchored deep within the earth and this type of energy was emitted by the sword into the mountain known as the Tor in Glastonbury, in Southwest England. It is the region where mythology acknowledges Avalon and the Arthurian Legends.

There are others bridges and anchors, but this particular one has a double purpose in that it also has the task to heal the Atlantean consciousness and thereby achieve a transfer of consciousness in the clearing of emotional earth history. This will result in joining the mind of the Earth with her heart. At the same time, there is present day consciousness at all varying levels within all nature kingdoms and people. Where will the bridge lead to? Maybe to a new star? Yes, the new star will be the Earth herself with all her sentient beings who individually can state:

In truth, I Am Sentient Life because
I Am aware, I feel, focus, and think, therefore
I AM, Thou Art, We are All One.