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    Sound Healing Evening At Avalonia

    5:00 PM-8:00 PM
    Aug 15, 2020

    Sound Healing Meditation with Cheryl Kilduff, a gifted Sound Alchemist. She is intuitively guided in weaving unique sound-scapes for the individual or the whole group.

    With gong, rattle, chimes, drum, crystal bowls, and an array of other tools, she creates an atmosphere of peace, adventure, and exploration allowing each participant to have their own unique healing experience. The journeys are never the same and always speak to each moment in time. It is a genuinely enriching experience on multiple levels.

    Light refreshment will be available.  Weather permitting the event will be outside. For further details call: 540-636-7798 or email: Aviajolly@Gmail.com.

    Due to the Social distancing requirement and its subsequent arrangements, the earliest RSVP would be appreciated and the latest RSVP by August 11th.   Bring your Yoga mat or similar as we intend to hold the entire meditation outside. During inclement weather, there will be space inside and on the porch.

    A donation of $25 is requested. It is tax-deductible and can also be made on the website: https://avillion.org/donations-for-avillion/

    (We hope to be able to offer another Sound Healing Journey on September 19th in honor of the Fall Equinox. Confirmation and further details will follow.)

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Avillion provides a variety of services that nourish all aspects of the human psyche  (body, mind, spirit, and soul)  and its interaction within the Natural World. Learning to think with the heart and feel with the mind activates “Timeless Wisdom of Heart” as we apply it to the most mundane, routine and spiritual tasks.

We inspire personal and direct contact with the source of Divine Creation, which is the Source of Divine Living Light.

As a realistic starting point, Avillion offers Aura Photography to encourage personal awareness from the world of thought to all subtle energy, which greatly affects personal and collective consciousness and thereby improves the quality of all life (animal, vegetable & mineral kingdom).

Avillion’s goal is to bring about change of consciousness, from the individual to the collective and thereby achieve a better humanity and World Peace will become a reality.

Timeless Wisdom:

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest...

— Albert Einstein

Current Projects

Currently, Avillion's primary endeavors are the development of the Avalonia Healing Arts programs with a "One Earth - One Heart - One Light" community; and the Avalonia Peace Sanctuary / Nature Retreat that also serves as a healing sanctuary or open-air classroom for individuals of all ages who seek to expand their consciousness.


Avillion Aura Imaging Photography Sessions with or without Reading are available at our home base, Avalonia Peace Sanctuary in Front Royal area of VA. For an appointment please call 540-636-7798 or email us at avillion@avillion.org. For further information please visit: