It is always disturbing and shocking when faced with animal abuses and cruelties or the abusive actions toward the natural environment. Distasteful, isn’t it? How can we change it? To be kind and loving to my own animal family (pets) is not enough – nor is it a redeeming factor. Neither is the emotional love for animals or by turning into a vegetarian. Is the antidote in becoming mindful, i.e. develop a natural unbiased awareness based on true caring? And how is this evolved?    The key for Evolution is in Involution – by turning our thought inward, our awareness unfolds. We become aware that our essence is energy – light and that it reaches into all realms of creation. To evolve/expand, our inner light hinges on its own unification with all of its light particles.Where are all these particles of our light? They are strewn throughout creation. Within the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, to the stars and more…

We are here to re-awaken all to their own inner light – their own golden spark, rejuvenate it with the recognition of kinship – that we all stem from the same source. A recognition from within, from the heart as it were and not from the mind. All sentient life of this world, the Earth and that of the Great Unknown is sparked into being by the same Golden Heart. It is our task as humans to “become the wake-up message” and as we begin to relate in natural ways from the inner light, the unification process of our own unlimited being can take place.

If we wish to serve evolution and thus realistically, we need to wake-up to the call of the “natural world”. From within our own to that of our exterior world. It stops the rule of the intellect and takes the mind into the heart. From this precipice a naturally detached point of observation is possible. Deafness and blindness only exist in a state of wishful or willful thinking.

Developing natural caring from our innermost being to all of the natural world, means that we learn to care for our true self and evolve into a natural relationship through the self to all of Nature and more. Above all it saves us from “spiritual arrogance” the worst affliction of human kind.

How can we change our thinking when our caring from the heart is shaped by our mentality?

As we breathe so we are and as we think so we are!
Let’s elevate this, our world of breath and thought, by using our imagination.
It is the door to our inner world…
Let’s take a deep breath of golden air – the finest quality of air of the inner world so that it changes our thinking:
A deep breath of golden air from the Heart of Creation (God) reactivates its spark in our own inner self.
“Reactivation” of our ancestral heritage is achieved and is signaled throughout creation.
Exhale it into the Center of the Earth and see it turn into a “brilliant ruby red” –
now inhale this ruby red and as we exhale it through the top of our head the spark in all of God’s creation receives a rejuvenating breath.
“Rejuvenation” to all our relations!

As we see both unite – the gold with the ruby creating a “brilliant copper color” a wake-up call is heralded to all of our relations within the vast unknown realm of God’s creation. A “wake-up” call so that we can begin the process of unification and return into the “One Being”.

Now, being awake all needs nourishment suited to the uniqueness of each and all, is a healing and aides “transformation without judgment.” This all round miracle formula is available by taking a “violet” breath and when exhaled through the self into all of creation it signals “integrity and respect of team spirit.”

…to be continued…for there are many Nations to awake and unite within this Creation of Light!