*From the Fire of Soul into the Light of Spirit = One Radiant World of Heart is Born*


All Avillion practices in thought and action emphasize the necessity to unite with the source of the very essence of all life, and into the core of the one upon which all belief systems are based. This is not a new religion, or philosophy, but rather the most ancient way of experiencing spirituality by reaching above and beyond into the essence of the Supreme Source. The simplicity in this action stimulates its synchronistic application in the modern world. Thus, the beauty of simplicity is brought back to mind with the realization that the vital components that activate the world of thought are shared by All and Everyone: Fire, Light, Breath and Sight.

Yet, the first one is not recognized. Nor the order of its placement and this separates not only from the fire, but also from its “Natural Rhythm in the Lifestream of Light.” The Lifestream represents the vital life force of fire in light. Therefore, the very essence of light is fire from its celestial source. In separation we live in separate states of consciousness, creating worlds of thought that are void of source fire and disconnected from the fire’s natural rhythm of light, which is magnetic and harmonizes all rhythms of light.

– Lifestream of Light –

Humans = Heart of Celestial Fire
Heaven and Earth

Thus, the focus is on the two core elements that sustain all life. One is the inceptive celestial fire of the “Infinite Living Heart, mother principle of the Supreme Source. The transformational fire of the “heart and will” principle ignites the second, “the spiritual light” of the “Infinite Creative Mind of the Father.” This inspires the expression of “infinite creativeness” as golden rays emitted by a Great Central Sun, the outcome of this perfect union.

A spark of these golden rays is lodged in everyone’s heart. It is our soul and “breath” stirs its’ fire. The Axiom of Creation is Heart, a fire of a Great Central Sun and there is one in each of God’s creation. It is our task to locate the divine elements of heart and mind in our self, and focus on their unification by living life inspirationally and live in harmony with the natural world of Earth and her Universe. Living life such as this activates true “sight” and in this unity a rise in consciousness is achieved.

The consciousness of separation has conditioned us to place the light first as in spirit and mind, and in a general sense the soul is not equated to fire nor to its source in the Mother principle, – the “divine feminine.” By returning the fire into its’ natural order of placement avails re-entry into its Lifestream of light and conscious breath refuels the fire of our heart – our soul. Its fire connects us directly to the Great Central Sun, and thereby we evolve into the nourishing center of our universe. Under the laws of gravity we are linked to and connected with all animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well as with the elements, planets and stars. With our thoughts and actions we affect all creation and all meet in our Heart.

Avillion of the Heart as an expression of the fire of the “Infinite Living Heart” seeks to elevate and transform the “Mists of the Mind of Intellect” into the creative space of the “Infinite Living Mind” and inspire the creation of sacred space in our over crowded mental world. As suggested by Albert Einstein:

“The world we have made as the result of the thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level we created them at.”

It is now time to bring our mind into our heart’s Lifestream of Light to inspire new creative thinking of the 21st Century – the Age of the Golden Dawn. Thus, through each one of us a “Global Community” is borne – a Federation of One Heart – the Age of Aquarius.

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