The following are topics for lectures that we give at Holistic Expos, Events, and Centers throughout the country. We are always delighted when we are invited to share the world of Living LightIf you are interested in any of these lectures or workshops and wish to host us, with or without the Aura Camera, please contact us. You may also check to see what we have coming up near you on our event calendar. Note: For workshops that take place at the Avalonia Peace Sanctuary we typically ask participants to wear comfortable clothes, bring walking shoes and a brown-bag lunch.


THE AURA: Our Best Protection

”Man’s true garment is his aura which contains all the colors that represent his qualities and virtues. The aura has a magical function: it influences the spirits of the invisible world, attracting the entities of light and repulsing entities of darkness …” stated the late Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

Join me and experience your Aura, its reality, and purpose and how we can create natural boundaries for its protection and at the same time serve evolution from within our self.  Let’s engage in some simple activities to benefit self-realization within the Spiral of Time. This will be an interactive session and participation from your heart will be appreciated. Hand-outs provided.

Auras – Chakras – Elements – Earth & Godverse

It is more important than ever to know how to be a “powerful force of liberation” in serving Evolution from within the inner self as a Light Worker and Light Liberator, connect and team with the Elements and the Nature Kingdom. Hand-outs provided.

Meditative Healing Exercise for Challenging Times

Join a practice from the Celestial Solar Pane teachings of the Great Central Sun. Learn to activate the White Golden Light of the Platinum Ray. We create a vortex around our whole body. Then we synchronize and calibrate our multi-dimensional self through their varying Angels into the great team of “One Heart Divinity”. The goal is an expansion of consciousness, strengthening of the endocrine system, sharpening our sensing abilities and freeing our psyche from the subtle influences of this dualistic world and its bombardments. Hand-out of the exercise will be available. 

Our Etheric Body of Light 

Our Aura is a partial expression of our “Etheric Body,” which is our eternal best friend from inter-dimensional to multi-dimensional and in the here and now. It is our very best and eternal friend who holds a very special treasure for us to find.  Experience your Aura, its reality, purpose and how we can create natural protective boundaries while serving Divine Evolution in a Chaotic World. Let’s engage in some simple activities that benefit Light Body Empowerment. Aura Photos provide visual proof of the existence of our “Etheric Body”, which makes it easier to shift our consciousness into a world of subtle energy. Do come and join me as I would also like to share where we can find the access door to a most treasured resource. Handouts will be provided.

From Light Worker to Light Liberator

We change this world from within the vastness of our own “inner magnificent being of light”. Ancient Mystics spoke of the “inner divine flame” of our soul, a spark from the Supreme Source of Creation which sets our spirit alight. Spirituality is an ever evolving science of living that is borne of the sense of sacred at all levels of life. There is no better time than now to take charge of our life from within and learn to understand the laws of light, and the power of the electromagnetic field of an awakened heart. Let us journey from the known 7 chakras into 13 leading into “Light body Empowerment as One Receptive Vessel” radiating its brilliance into this world. Handouts will be provided. 

Nurture the Soul & Sustain the Spirit & Recognize 13 Chakras

What does it really mean and where do we begin? We first begin by being willing to enter into a relationship with our own Body of Light and its 13 Chakras. To do so we need to learn its language and on the way we do not only meet our soul but also find some very special nourishing treasures and how to work with the diamond light. Please join Ingrid Jolly and find out how we can benefit from Light Body Empowerment and hold our focus in today’s Chaotic World. Handouts will be available. 

A Cosmic Shaman and more

The world’s Shamans are Bearers of Time. They exist as a mirrored reflection of the great mysteries of creation. No matter from which Nation, they are the protectors and keepers of their own particular time and sacred ways. Humans are the Bearers of the Earth and the Cosmos and are thereby the Bearers of Evolution. In ancient Greece, the meaning of Cosmos was given as “Universal Order of Harmonies”.

The Core Essence of the Cosmos is a blazing golden heart fire expressed as the Great Central Sun, which is mirrored at the center of the Earth and sparks all life. It is the harmonizer of real time – an all-embracing love in its equation of “infinity”. Yet, who is its bearer, the protector, and embodiment of sacred ways and great mysteries?  The answers are very simple and I would like to invite you to join me and have fun in finding the Cosmic Shaman.  Handouts will be provided.


Sacred Wisdom during Changing Times

…Elders and Ancient Ones, as well as Astrologers and many more, have stated that today’s world holds the promise of “New Life” and life, the way we live it, calls upon our inner resources to evolve from within, live and express who we truly are. Discover what binds us to Duality, the purpose of the Ethereal Body, our Aura, the Astral Planes, Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul and find out what unites them all. Understanding our multi-dimensional self-empowers the soul and liberates the spirit into the “Life of a Golden Age.” (We love to share some different ways of transforming worries and anxieties or fears that spring to mind in the middle of the night.)

Homes – Our Islands of Light in a World of Science & Technology of the Subtle & Known

Have you ever wondered how we can protect our self, our home environment from the many invisible and visible energy intrusions, even distant viewing, and astral projection or simply from within the more obvious field of Science & Technology? Our inventions in Science and Technology are intriguing and fascinating but who will ultimately be in charge?  We live in a fast-moving electromagnetic environment within an emotionally fear driven world. The resonance of its environment can greatly affect our wellbeing, numb our senses, and ignite worry and fear.  As unnerving and intriguing it all can be, it is a most exciting time for the “fearless”. How and what can we do to become fearless in the service of Divine Evolution?  Yet, it is also a blessing in disguise as it inspires us to become more informed and expand our consciousness from the visible to the invisible and recognize the true meaning and value of our homes. We will share methods how to make our homes more secure from intrusive vibrations and turn them into Islands of Living Light where all Nations can meet and radiate in the delight of being Peace.

An instruction booklet will be provided. 

Golden Heart Flame – An Inner Plane Alchemy & Aura Photography

Our true Freedom and Liberty starts within our Aura and in its entirety, the Aura acts as a powerful magnet of attraction. Experience this interactive and informative presentation to inspire Awareness of our World of Energy and the importance of thought. Additionally, participate in a Golden Lotus Meditation.  Learn a liberating and empowering multilevel cosmic alignment to connect directly with God’s Golden Heart Ray and how to manifest its vibrations into the physical world.  Experience the Resonance of aligning into the “Core Vibrations of the Celestial Lifestream Alignment”, which create a Protective Shield, and witness the change to your Aura with a “before and after” photograph.  (An aligning with 4 of the 12 fields in the Celestial Lifestream Alignment.)

Avillion of the One Heart

This workshop is especially for those who seek to be liberated into the “timeless wisdom of their heart” and for it to replace all fear based thinking as well as all manner of control we are subjected to.  A liberation and self-empowerment that helps us move forward and expand within the intensified vibrations of our “present day environment.”

We would love to share with you an abbreviated version of the Celestial Lifestream Alignment. It offers some simple & natural ways of aligning and elevating our entire energy body and thereby heightens its vibrations. Integration into the physical and material world is more easily achieved with heightening vibrations that systematically connect from core to core with all sentient life.

We now live in an era of heightened vibrations and we can ignite naturally the spark of divinity within the hearts of humanity. We have the opportunity to raise our own vibrations and elevate those of the whole world. Learning the Language of Light and its lifestream makes it all light work!

Experience the fire of heart as we connect directly with the Sacred Heart of Mother/Father God and thereby balance the male and female within ourselves.   Thus, we can become the “fire of heart” and let its light shine through us as we walk it into this material world, serving the “Divine Plan of the Sacred Heart”.  We will also cover the importance of staying focused, its meaning and various methods to help us retain focus.  Also, the art of “natural” surrender versus a “willed” one and how we, ourselves can turn into the Instrument of Peace.

Healing Communications for the Animal Kingdom

Avillion invites you to look at our spiritual responsibilities to our Animal Friends and all    Nature Kingdoms. WHY and HOW we must serve their spiritual needs! Discover how we can by serving All Sentient Life. Experience “hands-on” activities in communication and healing for all Sentient Life on Earth. You might discover their greater purpose in this Blanket of Creation and their relationship to our 8th and 9th Chakra. Bring a photo of your special animal friend! 

Practical and Integrated Spirituality

All begins with you and I, how I walk, live, laugh, sing or cry. How I perform my tasks from the mundane to the most sublime. The drudgery of the daily workplace when I would rather be…?!?

How do I give all and everything my very best, and at the same time remain truthful to the self? What is the meaning of the Chalice? Where is the formula for integration, the vital key to true liberation? Instead of ideals and theories, we offer a way to make it work in everyday life, within every circumstance at any given moment in time. We are here on Earth to liberate the Earth in the service of the Divine Plan. How can we achieve this?

Let’s discover the difference between Spirit and Soul? Which comes first and where did it all begin?  Meet the Family of AN – Gardeners of the Universes. Become an effective and powerful alchemist by learning practical and simple applications and decrees of the Violet Flame.

  • What is Avalon and how is it related to Avillion?
  • Is there a connection between the essence of Avalon and the American continent and to its sacred destiny?
  • Discover a Simple and Natural Way of Elevating Consciousness, and how
  • Color, as a “Universal Language of Simplicity” can reach all levels of Creation. 

Love, Kindness & Compassion during Tumultuous Times

This is a perfect time to be the expression of love and become patient and kind without losing the sense of self-worth. Love & compassion are similar but differ in their qualities. Both are vital in the evolution of consciousness.  Understanding their difference helps greatly and practice of the Divine Oneness Tree, initiating compassion on the path of Golden Light makes it much easier to attain balance in All things.  Explanatory handouts of this simple Visualization are available:

Divine Oneness Tree and the Mantra of the Free – A Meditative Exercise

“The Mantra of the Free, the Violet Flame and developing compassion on the “Golden Path of Light.” How can we develop true and natural compassion in a world of turmoil and why should we?  It certainly is perfect turf for it! The goal of our ethereal body is to achieve unification of all our bodies of light as one undivided whole. This meditative exercise aids the natural development of compassion. 

Golden Creative Life Force & Violet Flame Activation

True Freedom and Liberty begins in the Aura. Experience and receive the Golden Core Activation, transforming blockages and obstacles into golden opportunities. Learn simple and natural ways of daily empowerment to attain an “Inner Peace” that provides “Outer Radiance”. We have an “inner” and an “outer” life stream. How can we combine both and why should we? What is the power of the Violet Ray and how can we apply it more diligently and effectively? It has become ever more important to simplify and attain balance in ALL and Everything.

You can also witness the effect of your activation experience with a before and after AURA PHOTO.  (If necessary and if guided, spiritual healing and attachment or implant removal is also provided – free of charge.)